Magna Carta 800th Celebrations

The Magna Carta 800th celebrations in Trowbridge will be the town’s contribution to the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta by King John in 1215.

Trowbridge is one of 22 Baron Towns across England, the only one in Wiltshire and one of only two in the West Country, the other being the small village of Curry Mallet near Taunton. The others range from Leicester and Greenwich, with many in East Anglia, Yorkshire and extending north to Alnwick in Northumberland.

Trowbridge is the largest with a Town Council, and Wiltshire is the only county where visitors can experience a Baron Town and also see an original copy of the Charter in Salisbury Cathedral. The Baron Towns were the seats or caputs of those Barons who forced King John to sign the Charter at Runnymede, establishing rights and reducing the power of the monarch.

King John also presented Trowbridge with its market charter in 1200 which gives the town the right to hold a weekly market, but also gives the right to hold a three day fair on the feast of St James, 25th July, the day before and the day following.

Therefore Trowbridge will be holding our celebrations on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July 2015.

There will be a series of events and activities associated with the Trowbridge Magna Carta 800 Charter Fair, including markets, re-enactments, activities, games, entertainment etc.

Trowbridge is one of the few Baron Towns which has significantly grown through industry in the 800 years since Magna Carta and we wish to demonstrate that to the full. As part of the weekend each partner organisation is taking responsibility for an element of the weekend activities; Trowbridge Town Team working in partnership with the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce will lead the Business Expo at the Civic Centre.


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